Fitness for beginners

Jogging in the morning, a glass of water from Monday, training in the gym, and a new diet. We wish you good luck in your new stage of life, where there will be sports! We're keeping our fingers crossed for you and giving you some super advice.

If you are new to the gym, your body will have a hard time with the new workouts. 1 B-complex gummy per day and the new lifestyle will be easier and the results will come faster!

Here are our 5 takeaways of a great workout, keep it and don't miss it 
  1. Eat enough calories on the day of the workout , so we'll have energy for the workout -
  2. Make a workout playlist in advance so you don't get distracted
  3. Choose the right kind of shoes for the loads, and do not forget about the expanders and elastic bands, if you do not train with weights
  4. Ensure water balance
  5. Taking gummies with electrolytes to restore the balance of salts after their loss That's it!

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