The greatest influence on the composition of the microbiota is diet and supplements. All the schemes and diet plans for athletes that supposedly improve gut health look great on paper, but they have little applicability to real life: few people follow such diets. In addition, foods rich in probiotics can be ineffective, and in general, their daily consumption is sometimes difficult. If the intestines become weak, harmful substances enter the bloodstream, causing inflammation, then immunity is reduced, performance and overall health is impaired, and life expectancy is shortened.

Some studies provide evidence that probiotics may have some clinical benefits for athletes and physically active people. In addition, taking probiotics in combination with other dietary systems may help athletes with a history of gut disease. Although some foods can be eaten every day, products rich in probiotics probably don't make up your daily diet, and that's okay. After all, you need to eat 2-25 servings of yogurt a day to maintain good gut health, and that's not practical and often not feasible.

Incorporating probiotic supplements with an effective dose into the diet is the best thing any of us can do to address immune and gastrointestinal issues and potentially reduce the risk of certain diseases. The necessary dose of probiotics is not easily obtained through supplements. Given that many athletes do not follow a balanced diet or individual sports nutrition guidelines, taking supplements is justified. Probiotics can be considered "food" because they are the nutrients we eat or drink to support life and growth. One supplement is not a cure-all, but given that we consume few foods rich in probiotics daily, a supplement with them is quite effective.
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