New knowledge in school always comes with new viruses and weeks of sick leave. Kids need our support more than ever - let's do it together!

Please read our 5 tips for feeding kids and being calm for them

1. Observe their usual diet and the number of meals they eat. If necessary, begin to make adjustments little by little.

2. Buy healthy foods and goodies to take home on a 70/30 basis. Because in school or after it, the baby will grab something unhealthy one way or another. Let the sweets be in the house, but not in quantities - the child will get used to the fact that it is not forbidden, and avoid eating disorders.

3. Consider vegetables and fruits - both contain two different kinds of fiber, which help the body to cleanse itself gently.

4. Water balance is very important - a child may forget to drink water, get a water tracker, and playfully account for fluids.

5. In winter, be sure to consider the lack of nutrients and vitamins in food - give your child vitamins in the form of gummies from Simply8!
Tapioca and pectin-based multivitamins with incredible flavors are sure to please your kid!
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