1. Shampoo should be chosen by skin type, not the hair type.
2. You should wash roots properly, but be careful with hair tips - too much shampoo will dry them.
3. Try to use conditioner before shampoo - your hair will absorb moisture better.
4. Try to protect your hair from straight sunshine - wear a hat or use UF protection for hair.
5. Care about your hair from outside and from the inside as well - enough water, massage, vitamin balanced diet truly will make your hair stronger, and our gummies for hair, skin and nails help with that.

Human health is known by skin conditions.

So you should stay tuned for our tapioca-based new complex - Hair, Skin and Nails gummies!

Why these gummies are so good?

Their 5 benefits are below
1. Gluten-free
2. It contains fewer calories
3. Without artificial flavours, corn syrup and gelatin.
4. Are infused with 5000 mcg of Biotin.

Curly VS Straight?

Eternal war of hairstyles. No need to fight anymore! Because our gummies for Hair, Skin and Nails would match with both. But they all have a lot in common #DidYouKnow any of these facts about hair?
1. Hair may grow quicker in warm climates
2. A wet strand of hair can stretch up to 30% of its normal length
3.All hair that we can see is dead
4.Black is the most common hair color and red is the rarest.

A lot of reasons to look through our new gummies and start care for yourself.
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