Collagen makes up a third of all proteins in the human body, so it is easy to guess its great benefits for health. It is responsible for the youthfulness and elasticity of our skin, as well as a key component for the structure of bones, joints, ligaments, and cartilage. The body produces it on its own. However, the older we get, the more difficult it is to synthesize. The percentage of collagen production decreases after 25 ages, and the amount of destroyed fibers becomes high. Collagen deficiency can lead to serious consequences, so it is essential to get your daily allowance.

Symptoms of collagen deficiency:
  • hair loss;
An indicator of collagen deficiency is thin hair without shine and softness. As a result of decreased collagen in the body, hair becomes split and broken, which is very difficult to repair. It can even lead to severe hair loss.
  • flabby, dry skin;
As you get older, your cells deteriorate because there is less collagen in them. The face takes on an unhealthy hue because the skin becomes flabby, wrinkled, and dry. 
  • rapid fatigue;
Glycine, an important element in collagen, can play a key role in proper brain function. It also helps to improve sleep.
  • deep wrinkles;
Even young girls in their 20s have fine lines and wrinkles. Stress is the main culprit, but a lack of collagen can also be the cause.
  • brittle nails
 Collagen is the basis of connective tissue and provides strength and elasticity of the nails, so its deficiency is also fraught with loosening.

 A lack of collagen directly affects the health of our bones, blood vessels, and joints. And this, in turn, can provoke the development of chronic diseases and body aging. That is why collagen is important for your beauty and also for the overall health of your body. 

Collagen types 1 and 3 are the most essential, but they are hard to find and even harder to turn into a tasty form of gummies, but we did it! Two daily Simply8 gummies will help stimulate great hair, stronger nails, glowing skin, and healthy joints. 

However, be warned! Our collagen is marine collagen, so it's not vegan. But its quality is top notch because we offer you tapioca & pectin based gummies. 

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