How to plan nutrition this winter season?

Winter, snowballs, Christmas presents, and of course...the common cold.

Meh, we will try in our article to prevent colds in our readers. Because this season we are waiting for unforgettable moments of warmth and fairy tales, they can not be missed!

So, the following tips will strengthen your immune system better than the oak branch from the lines of The Hobbit.

  • Focus on healthy carbs
It's not about calories at all. As the daylight hours get shorter, we need to increase serotonin levels through food. Nuts, whole grains, and sweet potatoes won't be a bad thing.
  • Drink more water and tea
Coffee isn't very healthy this time of year (and who will drink coffee when it's cocoa and marshmallow monopoly season?). In general, this drink drains fluid from the body. And water is very important for the maintenance of metabolism and all body systems. So, ladies and gentlemen, tea and water, water and tea.
  • A diet full of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are good to eat all year round, but especially in the winter season. We are talking about fresh produce. They contain different types of fiber, which are good for digestion and regulation of the hormonal system.
  • Consider adding vitamins C, D, and Zinc supplements
Dietary supplements can help you feel better. But if the sight of pills makes you pale and the kids have to be tied to the dinner table, no problem! Simply8 vitamin gummies are tasty and natural, and they're even bigger! From now our vitamin complexes are enough for 60 days. This means more shelf space for your gifts and Christmas decorations than for hundreds of identical jars of tasteless pills and powders.

Well, we hope you'll find these tips useful for the winter season. And shhh, the big jars are a big secret, sell out soon!
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