One of the most frequent and first questions that expectant mothers ask doctors is what vitamins pregnant women should take and whether it is necessary to do it? Definitely yes. Even at the stage of preparation for pregnancy, doctors recommend strengthening the diet with vitamin and mineral complexes. The fact is that even the correct diet of a healthy person does not always cover the body's need for valuable micronutrients. Not to mention the period when this need increases significantly.

In the first trimester, the embryo develops very quickly, during this period, the central systems of the baby's organs are formed, and hence his health after birth. At this time, micronutrients are essential, which help the full and healthy formation of the unborn child.

Here are the useful substances needed at the beginning of gestation:
Folic acid or vitamin B9. This compound is responsible for adequately forming the placenta, fetal nervous system, heart, and blood vessels. The acid is found in cabbage, spinach, young peas, liver, carrots, bananas, apricots, and oranges. Lack of vitamin B9 can lead to malformations and miscarriage.
It is important to take vitamins B6 and B12 with folic acid. Vitamin B12 promotes the absorption of folic acid. B6 is involved in forming the embryo brain and helps the expectant mother cope with nausea and vomiting in case of toxicosis, improving mood.
Iron is a component of hemoglobin of both the mother and the embryo. For normal hematopoiesis and oxygen supply to the fetus, it is necessary to avoid iron deficiency and, if necessary, regularly take iron-containing drugs.
Why do pregnant women need vitamin E? It performs several important functions. It helps to fix the embryo more firmly on the walls of the uterus, so its use in sufficient quantities is significant at an early stage, and it also reduces the risk of leg cramps.
Omega-3 is involved in the formation of the fetus's brain, retina, and nervous system, and its deficiency is fraught with developmental abnormalities. It is recommended to start taking omega-3 acid in advance, even before conception.

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